A php framework with zero configuration

Welcome to Ness PHP Framework. Do you need a web framework with minimized training effort? Ness PHP offers you a model-view-controller based environment for coding faster, safer and stronger web applications with (nearly) zero configuration. Get rid of mess and focus the main logic of your project.

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Features You May in Ness PHP

No Configuration

Do not waste time with configurations and focus to main logic of your project.

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Model View Controller

Ness PHP supports MVC/HMVC architectural design.

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Autopulse is a database library which you can do nearly any job with. CRUD Manager, Query Builder, Migrations and .Net Framework style connection manager and lots of features you may like

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Forms, FormElements & FileUploads

Form class is used to create forms, you can create text fields, buttons etc with From Elements class. Do not create mess with HTML in your php file, Ness PHP's form class can manage everything you need including file uploads.

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Resource & Content Management

A content management class to automate fully the process of including external resources and contents of your projects.

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What Ness PHP Offers you as security;

Master Pages, View Inheritance & Widget Import

Ness PHP's master pages allows you to create layouts for your web pages in your application.It is designed to eliminate the need to write the same html code for each repetitive design every time.Once you design a template, you can easily relate it to all the pages and accelerate your coding experience to twice that.

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Easy to Learn

Our main goal is to minimize the learning process of the framework. We have prepared a nice documentation with examples to minimize your learning process.

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