Installation Instructions

Installation Process #top

Installing Ness PHP is very easy. You can select one of the installation methods and get ready with in 3 mins. Every installation method creates same files in your project directory so you can select the best method fits you. Here is a list of methods you can use;

Get Using Composer#top

You can use 'composer' package manager for downloading and installing the framework.

composer create-project nessphp/application  project_name

Download Ness PHP Package#top

If you do not have composer installed on your machine you can use github directly to create a project with Ness PHP. Here is the required steps for creating a project using GitHub Releases.

  • Please visit 'application' Repository/Packages on GitHub
  • Download last version of framework.
    1. [Note: Project repository contains only stable releases of the framework. You can follow the same process with framework repository for creating a project from last unstable/development branch]
  • Unzip the package you have downloaded.
  • Optional: Rename the package/project name you have downloaded with your own project name
  • Copy/Upload your project. to local/remote server
That's All. Now you are ready to create amazing apps with your freshly installed Ness PHP Framework.

Do Not Forget: You will need to edit app_config file in project package correctly to make your new Ness PHP application run. Do not panic configuration will take less then 1 min. Just read Project Structure and Project Configuration topics before.

Download by Cloning repository#top

If you do not have composer installed on your computer and do not want to download package from Github you can also create projects by cloning the application repository from GitHub.

Server Requirements #top

Ness Framework is a lightweight, easy-to-code and adaptable library. You can be confident that we will consider the 'lightness' principle in all our releases. The only requirements are;

  • PHP Version: =>5.6
  • Extension: PHP PDO for database operations.
  • Extension: PHP SimpleXml for Resource Management Class.