Creating Area

About Creating Area #top

Ness framework supports creating areas. In Ness framework an area means a smaller functional unit of your project. You can create areas in controllers folder for dividing the business logic of your application. This topic will guide you to create a unit using areas and manage your view files for controllers in areas.

Area in Controllers #top

For creating an area you need to create a sub-folder in controllers folder. If you need to divide your project for admin backend you need to follow the steps below.

  1. Create a sub-folder in 'Controller' folder.
  2. Your folder name must contain the Area suffix
  3. Create controllers in your area

Let's say we need to create an admin panel. In controllers folder we need to create a folder called 'adminArea'. The rest part is the same logic with creating controllers You can check controllers for more information.

Area in Views #top

It is not necessary to create a sub-view folder for every area but you can create folders under 'View' path. By this way you can divide the views and controllers for smaller units.

Redirect to Area #top

Redirecting to controllers in areas you need to use the following method; Assume that you need to redirect your user to admin panel's login page. Create a tag and in href attribute print the url by this method:

    <a href=" <?= Ness\Url::RedirectToArea("areaName", "ControllerName", "ActionName", "optianl-Parameters for function"); ?>"> Link Name < /a>

    < a href=" <?= Ness\Url::RedirectToArea("admin", "user", "login"); ?>"> Admin Login < /a>

the code above will return a string to href attribute: